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Dedicated experts for hassle free Income Tax and FEMA compliance.

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Exclusively for you

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Grow your Wealth

Premium Wealth Management Service exclusively for NRIs.

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Exclusively for you

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Start a Business in India !

Let Groworth take care of regulatory compliance, start your new venture hassle free.

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Let Groworth take care of regulatory compliance, start your new venture hassle free.

Start a Business in India !

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Real Estate with Trust

Genuine, Hassle Free property investments with Groworth.

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Exclusively for you

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Why do NRIs Prefer Groworth ?

Trust, Expertise and Convenience

Years of engagement with our NRI clients has enlightened us about the challenges NRIs face with regards to Income Tax, FEMA and plethora of other legal issues whilst living outside India, and when they come back to India.

Groworth has  been the pioneer in realizing the need for these services and has the unique ability to provide you seamless delivery of these services at your doorsteps. We have engineered our services to maximize convenience for our clients while being fully compliant at the same time.

Income Tax and FEMA Consultancy

Groworth has been observing the plight of its NRI clients when it comes to Income tax and FEMA compliances, which is why we have decided to offer services in this regard to our clients. The main motive behind this venture is to provide expert and up-to-date service to NRIs so that they can maintain their income tax documentation and status in India. They can also save a good deal of tax by making use of legally accepted tax saving techniques. We will act as a one stop shop for all your taxation requirements.

Wealth Management

Growing your hard earned money with the right investment mix that respects your risk profile is critical in the achievement of short and long term financial goals. Proven expertise and timely guidance maximize returns and optimize risk. Groworth brings you our Premium Wealth Management service specially designed for NRIs, This service offers expert advice and management of your investments that are catered specifically to your individual needs and expectations. Realize your goals and maximize your opportunities with Groworth. Give us a call today!


Insurance is critical to protecting your wealth from varied life challenges. The choice gets difficult as an NRI. Groworth provides expert consultancy services helping you choose the correct Insurance matching your needs, across categories Life, Health and General Insurance.

Legal Services

Groworth provides extensive Legal expert advisory and consultancy services for all your legal needs be it in India or outside. Be it vetting, drafting, arbitration, civil suit or sale / purchase of investments, our legal consultancy service covers all your legal needs as an NRI.

Business Development

Are you an NRI eager to start a business or invest in India? Our experts can help you with the regulatory and compliance requirements needed to kick start a business. Give us a call today!

Real Estate

While India offers tremendous opportunities in Real Estate, opaque environment often prevents investors from considering this golden opportunity. At Groworth, we provide you with genuine opportunities and take care of all the legal hassles for you.

Featured Services

At Groworth, we offer a wide array of services to NRIs with a track record of Trust of over a decade.

Income Tax Compliance

Completely hassle free service to plan and file your income tax returns.

RBI and FEMA Compliance

The entire authority related to FEMA clearances and permissions vests with the Reserve Bank of India. Achieve hassle free compliance with Groworth by your side.

Financial Advisory

Let your hard earned money grow. Let our experts partner you to achieve all your financial goals.


Participate in the India growth story with exclusive Real Estate opportunities certified by Groworth.

Repatriation of Funds

Repatriation is transfer of funds from NRO to NRE Bank A/c. Our experts will help you navigate the compliance requirements.

Support and Education

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to aid in all your financial and tax matters. Participate in regular seminars held by our experts in your city.

Visit India with complete peace of mind. Let Groworth take care of all your compliance worries.


FREE Seminar on NRI Taxation and FEMA Compliance for NRI’s in UAE by our NRI Experts  – Live in Dubai

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