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Do I Need to Pay Tax on Dividend Income?

As a taxpayer, you may be unsure about how to treat dividend income while filing your tax return. Do you need to pay tax on dividend income? Let us address tax implications when you have earned dividend income. Dividend Received from an Indian Company Dividend received from an Indian company was exempt until 31 March 2020 […]

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Budget 2020: Impact of Budget vis-a-vis Budget of Impact, NRIs Happy or Unhappy?

The union budget was presented by the Finance Minister under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Led NDA government on 1st February 2020, reaffirming the aim of India becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025. Considering the tax collection from NRIs, and the improper means employed by some High Networth Individuals, evading taxes […]

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NRI Bank Accounts Explained in Simple Language

NRIs and foreign nationals of Indian origin (PIO), residing overseas can open bank accounts in India without seeking any permission from the Indian government authorities. Basically, there are two types of bank accounts that NRI/PIO can maintain in India. These are: 1. Non Resident External Account, commonly referred to as a NRE account 2. Non […]

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NRIs Tax Evaders in Gulf on Income Tax Radar

India’s efforts to track down tax evaders could soon see officials monitoring the funding flows of nationals living in Gulf countries. “Some of the leading Gulf cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain [Manama] and Doha are major financial centres that are increasingly attracting Indian money that is leaving Swiss banks” “In many cases these […]

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Residential Status and Taxation

When it comes to financial matters, many Indians who live overseas are concerned with their status with regards to the Indian authorities – and one of the most confusing areas relates to the tax you are expected to pay. This article will therefore outline your tax status with regards to the Indian authorities, and then […]

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Filing of Income Tax Return by Non-Resident Indian

There has always been a question in mind of NRIs whether to file income tax return, is it mandatory to file, only income earned in India is to be disclosed and many other questions. With this article, a fair picture would be made available on filing status. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) earn their living abroad; their […]

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Tax Implications for NRIs Who Want to Sell Property in India

Non Resident Indians have been builders favourite in India for years to come, reason being there pay capacity to buy and easy closures. Buying process has been made pretty easy for NRIs but when its about selling, there is a fair amount of confusion about tax implication for NRIs who want to sell any house […]

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TDS on Sale of Immovable Property (Sec 194IA)-Detailed Overview

The provisions of this section states that TDS on sale of Immovable Property should be deducted at source from payment on transfer of immovable properties (other than agricultural land) where the total consideration paid or payable is more than Rs 50,00,000/-. Earlier, there was no such deduction in case of immovable properties, as it is […]

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Tax implications for NRI’s returning to India

It is a well know fact, that most of the Indians are returning to their homeland to explore new avenues, but coming back is not the only thing on their minds, they need solutions for their taxes as well. Basically, most of them want to know what implications will their Non Resident Indian (NRI) status […]

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How NRI can manage Assets/liabilities in India without being present

Indians planning to immigrate from India are normally worried as to how there affairs in India would be handled in their absence from India.  They may appoint someone to act for and on their behalf, during their absence from India and ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day affairs in connection with their assets and […]

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